What's Breaking Salsa?
Breaking Salsa is an international live dance show. Accompanied with live music by Grammy winner Nene Vasquez. 
This live show tells the story of a girl growing up under a grumpy father and an unsupporting mother. She just wants to dance but she can never satisfy her parents. Till one day.
This show is performed by world champions from different dance genres. Among other things: Kim Wojtera (Salsa World Champion), Arejay K. Mifa (Popping World Champion), Kid Columbia (BBoy World Champion and RED BULL Cup Winner) and many more.
It was a pleassure touring with the group together through the whole Germany and parts of Switzerland and becoming good mates.
I was working as their director and photographer. It was my job to shoot them in the best light, to catch their best of the best performances. They're fast dancers so you only get one chance, better don't miss it.
Check out some work!
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